The mythological topic in the poetry of Ismail Kadare Cover Image

Topika mitologjike në poezinë e Ismail Kadaresë
The mythological topic in the poetry of Ismail Kadare

Author(s): Merxhan Avdyli
Subject(s): Language and Literature Studies, Studies of Literature, Albanian Literature
Published by: Univeristeti i Prishtinës, Fakulteti i Filologjisë
Keywords: Kadare;poetry;topics;myth;Troy;Laocoon;hero;figure;war;fall;mythology;idea;realization;

Summary/Abstract: Mythology, in the poetry of Kadare, is quite present. It is presented as a special theme, which reveals the not only poetic but also philosophical ideas of Kadare. As such, mythical topography in Kadare's poetry is not only presented in various forms, but it is also presented with numerous mythological figures, especially from ancient Greek mythology, but also from Albanian mythology. Being present in poetry of Kadare, mythical topics are always in the function of comparing with contemporarily, taking the examples of mythological figures and heroes, but also their places, not rarely implied as influential or comparable elements: mythical heroes with personalities from contemporary; their actions with the events and actions of modernity, and the ancient places with today's countries, either as patriotic or enemy countries.The Trojan War is one of the greatest events of the ancient history of antiquity, which Kadare exploits to create in most cases the historical parallels that they use to create a new artistic reality that is always in function, not only human and humanistic, but also historic and national. Almost all of the figures from antiquity, Kadare introduces them to the present. Troy prevails, as a topical, a sign, as a motif, as a symbol and as a figure, in these segments of his poetry. Troy also comes out as a war, as a confrontation, as a resistance, as a fall, as a love, as a betrayal. With all its mythical heroes and antiheroes, whose deeds Ismail Kadare builds his poetry, respectively, in this case the topical lyric.

  • Issue Year: 2/2018
  • Issue No: 37
  • Page Range: 143 - 152
  • Page Count: 10
  • Language: Albanian