Intelligentsia in Historically Civilized Context Cover Image

Интеллигенция в историко-цивилизационном контексте
Intelligentsia in Historically Civilized Context

Author(s): Vladimir Aleksandrovich Porozov
Subject(s): Epistemology, Social Philosophy, Social history, Social development, Rural and urban sociology, Globalization
Published by: Ивановский государственный университет
Keywords: civilization; formation; intelligentsia; the essential features of civilization; the origin (generation) of the intelligentsia; axial time; the capital and provincial intelligentsia; globalization;

Summary/Abstract: The civilizational approach to the analysis of the historical process and social phenomena is recognized today as one of the fundamental. Meanwhile, the universally recognized definition of a local civilization, as well as the notion of «culture», does not exist. The problem of the correlation between the notions of «civilization» and «formation» also needs further development. The question of the role of the intelligentsia in the civilizational process in special studies was not raised at all. The definition of the research coordinates in the outlined circle of knowledge of society is the goal of the article. To achieve this goal, the following tasks were solved: the relationship between the concepts «formation» and «civilization» is graphically represented; definitions of local civilization are given; a list of the essential features (attributes) of civilization is given; the role of the intelligentsia in the formation and functioning of civilization is shown; given is a historiographic analysis of the coverage of the problem in the works of foreign and domestic scientists; on the example of publications by S. M Usmanov, G. S. Smirnova, N. N. Vasilyeva, V. V. Vozilov is shown the contribution to the development of the problem of the Ivanovo school of intelligentsia studies; attention is drawn to the contradictory nature of the process of globalization, also considered through the prism of the civilizational process; examples are given of the political and cultural life of modern society, illustrating and confirming the theoretical provisions of the article; attention is paid to the difficulties of realizing the civilization's civility functions in the conditions of Russia. Proceeding from the importance of the role of the subjective factor in the formation and functioning of civilizations, it is concluded that the leading role in these processes is played by the intelligent / intellectual community. The measure of responsibility for the intellectual, cultural and moral level of the representatives of this community is growing. The processes of globalization make the questions posed even more urgent.

  • Issue Year: 2019
  • Issue No: 1
  • Page Range: 109-130
  • Page Count: 22
  • Language: Russian