Town- Authentic Reflection of B&H Changes and Problems through Time Cover Image

Grad – autentičan odraz bosanskohercegovačke v(b)remenitosti
Town- Authentic Reflection of B&H Changes and Problems through Time

Author(s): Merima Čamo
Subject(s): Social Sciences
Published by: Fakultet političkih nauka - Univerzitet u Sarajevu
Keywords: city; urban life; urban culture

Summary/Abstract: Bosnia and Herzegovina has urban tradition which as such is present for a relatively long period of time and presents its autochthonic reflection through continuity of urban living in various historic periods. This area comprises very rich and diverse archeological material hence it is consisted of layers of peoples’ lives settled at this soil since prehistory. A cultural and architectural legacy grew in several myriads back, immanent in various tribal, ethical, confessional and national groups that had populated this area. We can find various traces of Illyrian settlements, Roman castles, pre-feudal basilica and mediaeval citadels in Bosnia and Herzegovina and we still witness the beauty and consistency of Islamic- oriental agglomerations of municipal type as well as post-urban grasps of Central European civilization. Depending of ecological frame, historical conditions, civilization and cultural impregnation, economic development degree, the city development as material and spiritual expression of actual social formation has been executed in this region in various concepts, shapes and styles implicating peculiar urbanity (city way of life) as existential dimension and synthesis of the human needs, an ambient and time. A social and cultural being of Bosnian (Bosnia and Herzegovina) city has been developing and shaping through centuries by collection of various prosaic and unexpected occasions, events, conditions and circumstances embodied by human tendencies, needs, joy, cares, hopes ...that a city, in its own way, has expressed, valuated, nominated and kept in its treasuries. Its benevolent nature created a dynamic environment always ready to accept, support, help, establish, defend, understand and protect a man, without asking one what is his religion, social status, what are his customs or worldviews.

  • Issue Year: 2008
  • Issue No: 3-4
  • Page Range: 40-47
  • Page Count: 8
  • Language: Bosnian
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