Speech about the proximity of God – the Muslim perspective Cover Image

Slovo o Božijoj Blizini – islamska perspektiva
Speech about the proximity of God – the Muslim perspective

Author(s): Haris Dubravac
Subject(s): Islam studies, Middle-East Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion
Published by: Fondacija “Baština duhovnosti”
Keywords: the Qur’an, holly traditions (eḥādīṯ qudsiyye); God’s transcendence (tenzīh); God’s immanence (tešbīh); the Proximity of God (Qurb) and the Omnipresence; Sufi authors; getting close to God;

Summary/Abstract: The paper discusses contents from the Qur’an, holly traditions (eḥādīṯ qudsiyye) and mostly works by classical Muslim authors who wrote about the Proximity of God, the Omnipresence, the Comprehensiveness, the All-existence, and the Immanence. Prior to that, the paper presents the relation between God’s transcendence (tenzīh) and immanence (tešbīh). We have also discussed the ways and effects of getting close to God, i.e. man’s answer to the Proximity of God by being aware of the comprehensive Reality, focusing especially on the poets of Sufi provenance who have presented God’s Omnipresence in an appealing manner. In the end, we conclude the discussion with an unusual part, which seems more appropriate considering the nature of the text.

  • Issue Year: V/2019
  • Issue No: 14
  • Page Range: 36-47
  • Page Count: 12
  • Language: Bosnian