Author(s): Igor Olexijovyich Polishchuk
Subject(s): Nationalism Studies, Politics and Identity
Published by: Національний юридичний університет імені Ярослава Мудрого
Keywords: national mentality; political culture; national character; ethnicity; concept; descent; tradition;

Summary/Abstract: The process of formation and the essential aspects of the concept of «national mentality». The author notes that the emergence of the phenomenon of national mentality is early ethnogenesis. During this initial period there is an original mental-core base, which remains with certain modifications throughout the nation’s history. This is due to the existence of permanent factors, among which the most important are: biological, geographical and geopolitical factors. Throughout the history of a particular ethnic group, from generation to generation is passed certain invariant psyhobehavioral implemented on a common language, cultural, moral and ethical basis. At the beginning of the emergence of national character is particularly noteworthy role played by ethnic collective unconscious that arises from the remnants of shared experiences as certain ethnic groups un- conscious reaction to constantly reproducible specific conditions of its existence (K. Jung). The category of «national character» covers mainly emotional and sensual level of the national psyche and reflected in prevailing in a given ethnic community emotions, feelings and moods, as well as the speed and intensity of the response to certain events, the national temperament. The origins of the aggregate mental qualities, creating national character should look as part of the original ingredient mental nucleus lever on stage ethnogenesis. Elements of national character is an important way to natural, empirical, everyday reflection of reality in the psyche of members of a national-ethnic community, thus creating its original bio-psychic unity. Ultimately, the best reflection of national political mentality is the national state of specific institutions – the base of the political system of the nation, government, government, essential features of the political regime, political traditions prevailing in this national ideology, as well as typical everyday stereotypes and tips; distributed among specific national models of political behavior, subconscious reflection of different generations nation for similar events, collisions, typical feelings and emotions about their own state factors. It is concluded that the structure of the concept of «national mentality» (mental-ethnic composition of the nation) consists of three main elements: national character, national identity and ethnic unconscious.