Author(s): Volodymyr Trofimenko
Subject(s): Media studies, Theory of Communication
Published by: Національний юридичний університет імені Ярослава Мудрого
Keywords: national police; law enforcement system; mass-media; legislation for information;

Summary/Abstract: Problem setting. Modernity dictates the new conditions for the existence and effective functioning of state institutions, in particular, the law-enforcement system. The public demands not only the coordinated, effective work of the national police on its intended purpose, but also comprehensive reporting and informing of citizens about the law enforcement activities. Today, there have been created and exist a large number of mass-media (mass-media) of different types in Ukraine: from classical (printed) to more technological (television channels, radio stations, Internet, etc.). Also, on public opinion, except mass-media, other institutions that do not have the main function of informing citizens (cinematographers, typographer, etc.) is also influence. Do not forget that the individual is also influenced by surrounding, those with whom he or she communicates. All this should be taken into account when it is necessary to create a positive image of every social institution, including the law enforcement system. The National Police of Ukraine is a public agency, whose image influences on the effectiveness of work and interaction with the public. Therefore, the formation of a positive image of this law-enforcement agency is one of the main tasks and should be conducted at all levels within the framework of the present legislation for information. Recent research and publications analysis. The Law of Ukraine «About the National Police» came into force in November 2015. Since then, fundamental scientific conceptualization of the activities of the new law enforcement body has actually started. But the medium-information side of the work of the national police and its legislative basis was not actually investigated. Paper objective. Analysis of the medium-information side of the work of the national police that can be used as a basis for creation a positive image of the national police. Paper main body. The effectiveness of the law-enforcement system depends on the state’s comprehensive attention to it. In this way was also in Soviet times. With the creation of a new national police, the problem of proper display of its activities and the creation of a positive image took place. But the statistics show a decrease of trust to this law enforcement agency. What is the reason? The author analyzes the external and internal reasons of this situation. To external ones belong the low level of the legal culture of citizens and the interest of the mass-media in «hot» news, when vapid news is swollen to a large extent. To external reasons, the author refers a short term for police training, lack of minimum knowledge on the basics of journalism and psychology in their knowledge. The attention is also paid to the fact that the police are sometimes late with the necessary commentary on the news. Based on the principles of media and information literacy published by UNESCO, the author proposes a series of measures to improve the medium-information side of the work of the national police. Conclusions of the research. With the development of the informative area, the medium-information side of the police wgill be expanding. Already today, all the activities of the national police and the Ministry of Internal Affairs are estimated due to it. Therefore, both the national police and the whole MIA need to pay more and more professional attention to this aspect of their work.