One movie of Arshavir Chakatouny about Armenia created in France and shot in Bulgaria Cover Image
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Един филм на Аршавир Шахатуни за Армения, създаден във Франция, сниман в България
One movie of Arshavir Chakatouny about Armenia created in France and shot in Bulgaria

Author(s): Mariyana Piskova
Subject(s): History, Cultural history
Keywords: Armenia; First world war; movie; Andranik; Arshavir Chakatouny

Summary/Abstract: The author follows the appearance of one mute movie in 1929 and the destiny of its author a refugee from Gyumri to Paris. The film was created in cinema studio “Armena film” registered in Paris by Armenian emigrants. The movie is debut as director of the famous cinema and theater actor of Armenian origin Arshavir Chakatouny - emigrant in Paris by that time. The movie is devoted to some events from the history of Armenia at the beginning of 20th century – the First World War and its consequences for Armenia.The film “Andranik” is a specific crossroad of different influences experienced by its author Arshavir Chakatouny who started his carrier in the theater of Baku, then Moscow Artistic Theater, Russian cinema firm “Khanzhonkov and Co”, he also played on the stage of the Armenian theater in Constantinople and later on the theater stages of Plovdiv, Russe, Sofia, Varna in Bulgaria until he reached Paris where he played central and prominent roles in movies of famous French directors. The hero of the movie Andranik (1865-1927) and the director and script writer Chakatouny had to leave Armenia after the First World War. The two of them participated in the war where they met; they never returned to Armenia. Created in Paris and produced in Bulgaria the movie “Andranik” was defined as French or Armenian and even as Armenian – Bulgarian movie. Implemented far away from the Fatherland of the author and the hero in the time when the topic Andranik was taboo for the Soviet historiography and the image and live of the general were censored in the Soviet Space the experiment of Chakatouny with all superlatives and critical notes to it is the only and lonely attempt to present in the movie the life of Andranik.

  • Issue Year: 2019
  • Issue No: 1
  • Page Range: 111-134
  • Page Count: 24
  • Language: Bulgarian