Boris Yotzov – information stored in Archives State Agency Cover Image

Борис Йоцов – информация за съхраненото в Държавна агенция „Архиви“
Boris Yotzov – information stored in Archives State Agency

Author(s): Andriana Spasova
Subject(s): History, Cultural history
Published by: Шуменски университет »Епископ Константин Преславски«
Keywords: Boris Yotzov; Bulgarian Archives State Agency; articles; manuscripts; cultural and scientific heritage

Summary/Abstract: The acquaintance with the archival heritage of Boris Yotsov, one of the most prominent Bulgarian scholars in the area of humanities, is another step towards restoring the memory of his work. The study of the massive personal fund of B. Yotsov (202K) in the Archives State Agency (SOA) made it possible to systematize the available 349 documents. This adds a previously unappreciated dimension to the role of the underestimated authoritative researcher and public figure, airbrushed from history in 1945 by the Communist authorities. Under the influence of the authoritative and fascinating figure of B. Yotsov remain not only his students and friends, but also his two heirs – Bogdan and Ivan Yotsov. The inventory of the fund fails to mention an extremely interesting find from the archives of B. Yotsov – the handwritten issues of the children's newspaper “Illustrated World”.