Şerefeddin Yaltkaya’s Understanding of the Existence of Allah Cover Image

Şerefeddin Yaltkaya’nin İsbât-I Vâcib Anlayişi
Şerefeddin Yaltkaya’s Understanding of the Existence of Allah

Author(s): İbrahim Bayram
Subject(s): Epistemology, Islam studies, Existentialism, Philosophy of Religion, The Ottoman Empire, Hermeneutics
Published by: Celal Bayar Üniversitesi Sosyal Bilimler Enstitüsü
Keywords: Şerefeddin Yaltkaya; existence of Allah; order; alfitrah; proof;

Summary/Abstract: Şerefeddin Yaltkaya, who had acquired an important place among the Ottoman scholars of the last period, did not adopt the concept of the new ılm al-kalam, which is offered as an alternative to classical kalam, but instead advocated the social kalam approach. This idea also influenced his views on the existence of Allah, accordingly, the evidence that must be used to prove the divine existence has been confined to a relatively narrow area. With an approach that is more suited to the Salafiyya sect, the author, who, directed criticism to the science of the kalam and to its mental and philosophical evidence that is used to prove the divine existence, has argued that this work should only be handled with a Qur'an-based understanding. The author, who thinks that there is evidence of al-fitrah in this divine book besides the evidence of teleologic argument, usually concentrated his statements on these two proofs. This situation did not cause him to ignore the evidence of huduth, at least on behalf of science, he has included this evidence in his studies. However, in doing so, he often went on to explain his purpose through some simple and easy-to-understand examples, although he sometimes includes technical explanations.

  • Issue Year: 16/2018
  • Issue No: 03
  • Page Range: 597-627
  • Page Count: 31
  • Language: Turkish