Author(s): Monia Milutinović
Subject(s): ICT Information and Communications Technologies
Published by: Društvo ekonomista "Ekonomika" Niš
Keywords: cryptocurrency;economic growth;market;Serbia;Switzerland;

Summary/Abstract: The digital revolution is a change from analog and electronic technology to digital technology and is currently at its peak. Since we live in the digital era, it is logical that the digital form of money, that is, the cryptocurrency, had to appear. The cryptocurrency as a digital form of money functions with the help of a technique called cryptography. Cryptography is a process that translates legible information into codes that cannot be broken at all. The cryptocurrency is based on the digitized so-called. the main book of all crypto watch transactions called blockchain. Blockchain records individual transactions and ownership of all cryptocurrencies that are in circulation, and this system is managed by the so-called blockchain “miners” who have to update all transactions that have occurred and ensure the accuracy of the information. In this way, the security of the transaction is confirmed. This paper will address the theme of the cryptocurrency and their role in economic growth. Types of Cryptocurrencies will also be shown as well as their expansion in countries in transition. Among other things, we will see the market of the currency in Serbia and Switzerland