Old Testament texts in pictural representation of Prophets Cover Image

Old Testament texts in pictural representation of Prophets
Old Testament texts in pictural representation of Prophets

Author(s): Ilie Melniciuc-Puică
Subject(s): Theology and Religion
Published by: Editura Universităţii »Alexandru Ioan Cuza« din Iaşi
Keywords: Old Testament; Prophets; picture; Church; Byzantine Hermeneia

Summary/Abstract: The presence of the Old Testament prophets in iconography becomes possible through the ecclesial recognition of their holy activity and writings attributed to them. In three areas of the cult, they are painted: on the arch of the altar surrounding the image of the Virgin, on the top of the iconostasis and in the church tower under the scene of the angelic servants. After the nineteenth century messages appeared on the prophets' phylactery, that they felt the need to unify the message and paint their faces.The freedom of painters, assumed as a continuation of the Byzantine iconographic tradition, varies between elaborate scenes of the prophets or in scenes full of hieratic symbols. The same freedom is found in the preference for some prophets, from the long line mentioned in the Old Testament. Each of 18 prophets nominated in this study present a concis message, summarizing the monotheism in connection with eschatological interpretation of Christians. We note the Church's preocupation to harmonize the hymnography with Christian iconography for the faithful who pre-taste the future glory here on earth.

  • Issue Year: 22/2017
  • Issue No: 2
  • Page Range: 96-121
  • Page Count: 26
  • Language: English