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Bezpieczne zamieszkanie izraela - orędzie ezechiela
Secure Dwelling of Israel - The Message of Ezekiel

Author(s): Andrzej Sebastian Jasiński OFM
Subject(s): Jewish Thought and Philosophy, History of Judaism
Published by: Papieski Wydział Teologiczny
Keywords: Yahweh; The Book of Ezekiel; root nEQ; secure dwelling; Israel;

Summary/Abstract: This article examines the concepts of the secure dwelling of Israel in the Book of Ezekiel in four parts: 1. Ezekiel: The prophet of the turning point of the time. The Book of Ezekiel attempts a complete program of restoration of the Israel in the time of the Ехіїе. Just a prophet Isaiah (Is 33:18) wrote about ПІШЕ? ЛПІІПЭ1 (tranquil dwellings). This vision was far away for Ezekiel’s time because he lived through the greatest crisis in ancient Israel’s history the loss of independence in the promised land, ехіїе of the leading citizens to ВаЬуІопіа. In that time the new act of revival by Yahweh will consequently consist in his creating his people as an obedient and law abiding people. 2. The root П£2Л as ,,a self-confidence”. The root ПЙЛ has the meaning: to feel secure, be unconcerned or to feel a false security, like in Ez 16:15: But you became infatuated (,палГ11) with your oum beauty and used your fame to play the ivhore, lavishing your debauchery on ali comers. Ezekiel is uncompromising in his condemnation of Israel’s infidelity to Yahweh. 3. The root пал as „a security” offered by Yahweh. Yahweh had promised that after the judgment of Jerusalem he would remember his covenant: I shall tаке a covenant of peace with them; I shall rid the country of wild animals. They will be able to live secure (ПШ/1) in the desert and go to sleep in the woods (Ez 34:25). In this words Ezekiel shows the way of the secure live for Israel. 4. A security guaranteed by Yahweh. Israel will be separated off as a holy people, and nothing profane would defile the tribes in the new land. Yahweh is the unrivaled Lord of the Israel’s history. The orade against Gog foresees the people of the Lord as prosperous and secure in his land: So, son of man, prophesy. Say to Gog, “The Lord Yah- tveh says this: Is it not true that you will set out at a time when ту people Israel is living secure (ПуЛ7 Ь^ПІІГ)? (Ez 38:14). The glory of Yahweh in the temple of a new city (Ez 43:1-9) guaranteed a security live of Israel: The пате of the city in future must be: Yahweh-is-there (Ez 48:35).

  • Issue Year: 23/2015
  • Issue No: 2
  • Page Range: 13-25
  • Page Count: 13
  • Language: Polish
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