The Biosphere as a Living System. On Peculiarities of the Evolutionary Process on the Biosphere Level Cover Image

Биосфера как живая система. Об особенностях эволюционного процесса на биосферном уровне.
The Biosphere as a Living System. On Peculiarities of the Evolutionary Process on the Biosphere Level

Author(s): Alexej Yablokov, Vladimir Levchenko, Anatolij Kerzhentsev
Subject(s): Philosophy, Human Ecology, Environmental interactions
Published by: Международное философско-космологическое общество
Keywords: the biosphere; evolution; properties of living systems; axiomatic of living systems; ecosystem; biogeocenosis; anabolism; catabolism; renaturism; cooperon; controlled evolution;

Summary/Abstract: The main purpose of this second essay the “biospherology” is to streamline and formalize the existing knowledge about the biosphere, to develop the theoretical basis of the theory of evolution of the biosphere. Despite the vast amount of research on ways of origin and development of life, yet there is no generally accepted theory of evolution of life on Earth, which would not only contain the phenomenology of this process, but also an understanding of the mechanism of functioning of the biosphere as a self-regulating living organism. In the first essay, the necessity of such an understanding to preserve life-supporting functions of the biosphere under increasing anthropogenic pressure. As the solution, it has been proposed in the form of transition to the managed (controlled)evolution of the biosphere — to process of maintenance of life-supporting ability of the biosphere by the management of Humankind activity.This essay is an attempt to create a consistent picture of the structure and functioning of theEarth life, the main achievements of the evolution of life, led to the almost completely closed (to the Anthropocene) self-sustaining biosphere cycling of substance and energy, the growth of “sum of life”and evolve the social form of matter from biological one.The proposed view of the multi-dimensional picture of life on Earth consists of the determination of necessary and sufficient properties of a life matter, formulate functioning principles of the life, and determined of the different levels of organization of life.Among the main features of living: discreetness, integrities, self-reproducibility, dissymmetries, cooperativeness, mortality, orderness, energy saturation, informational content.Among the main principles of the functioning of the life: the unity of the biological structure(phenotype) and the program for its construction (genotype), transmitted in generations; matrix way of transmission of the programs of development; spontaneity and non-directional changes of the development programs; securing successful changes by natural selection; geometrical progression of reproduction as a “spring” of life.

  • Issue Year: 17/2016
  • Issue No: 17
  • Page Range: 152-175
  • Page Count: 7
  • Language: Russian