Bilateral relations between Ukraine and Russia: scientific cooperation of higher education institutions Cover Image

Bilateral relations between Ukraine and Russia: scientific cooperation of higher education institutions

Author(s): Mariya Parakhina
Subject(s): Cultural history
Published by: Національна академія керівних кадрів культури і мистецтв
Keywords: scientific cooperation; Academy of Science; universities; Ukraine; Russian Federation

Summary/Abstract: Development of the bilateral relations in Science can not be limited only by cooperation between academic institutions. Despite the factor that Academies of Science were the main source of scientific progress and development in the Soviet Union, significant researches were conducted also in Universities, specialized science schools were existed and researched laboratories were functioned. However, unlike the academic science, that was evolved under the united guidance and had great support from the State, university science was considered firstly as an addition to educational activity.One of the important features of bilateral cooperation between Ukrainian and Russian Universities is not only conduction of mutual scientific-methodological actions, publishing of scientific collections and providing the exchange between students, professors and academic specialists. Bilateral cooperation is approximate also on the rising of the country-partner culture understanding level, promotion of its learning and popularization in own country. Thereof is creation of Ukrainian and Russian departments in universities-partners. It can be said, that practically all Ukrainian Universities have partners in different regions in the Russian Federation nowadays, and this cooperation covers all aspects of scientific and educational process without exceptions and is beneficial for Universities of both countries.Signature of the intergovernmental agreement and the Treaty of Friendship has opened the way for adjustment of bilateral agreement with Russian colleges for Ukrainian universities. Thus, from 1997 the most prestigious Ukrainian and Russian Universities began enter into the cooperation agreements, that were appeared rather perspective at that time. Some universities are not limited to contact only with one university, but try to provide close cooperation with number of often various specialized universities and academic institutions.The important step in providing value cooperation between Ukrainian and Russian universities was creation of the Association of universities-partners in Russia and Ukraine. Thus, on the 16th of September in 2011 took place the Forum of representatives of higher education and university science of Russia and Ukraine in Russian State Humanities University (Moscow city). During the official part of arrangement were signed agreements about partnership between universities of both countries, and also announced about the creation of the Association of universities-partners in Russia and Ukraine.Important direction of international cooperation in Higher Education can also be creation opportunities for student to study in neighbor countries. Owing to the numerous regulations, which were accepted by Russian authority, were created all conditions to enter by Ukrainian students Russian universities today, including budget places.Important achievement of cooperation in Higher School is constant increase of the number of students, who are studying in universities of countries-partners. It permits not only to attract professional specialists in economies of both countries, but also brings achievement of the universities of another country, as majority of ex-students returns home after graduation.Negative fact can be considered as an absence of clear regulatory, which can solve all organization questions during the process of interuniversity cooperation adjustment. General agreements, signed between the Ministries, keep undecided a number of problems, which universities have to overcome by themselves. Not less problematic is also subjective attitude among the number of politicians and administrators to the fact of Russia-Ukrainian contacts, which originated at the 90- years of 20 century, but, despite these disadvantages, generally Russian-Ukrainian relations in higher education can be estimated as very promising and intensive.Analyzed the ways and forms of cooperation between Ukraine and Russian Federation on the level of Higher education, we can make a number of conclusions. Firstly should be indicated the presence of mutual interest in adjustment of friendly partnership between universities of both countries, which permits not only solving a number of practical questions in science-methodological and educational activity, but helps in rising of the university prestige, its international authority. Holding the common measures and projects provide the possibility of growth of scientific achievements of both universities-partners, while students and specialist exchange familiarizes them with methodological developments, permit to diversify the educational process, increase its professional orientation. Therefore bilateral interuniversity contracts are the biggest segment in interuniversity cooperation nowadays, and majority of Ukrainian and Russian institutions of Higher education is involved in it. No less significant and, what is important, very perspective is creation of interuniversity organizations, which unit in their structure universities and institutions of both countries, and provide more intensive and productive cooperation through their systematic work, create new ways for expansion and achievement of practical results.

  • Issue Year: 1/2013
  • Issue No: 4
  • Page Range: 253-258
  • Page Count: 6
  • Language: Ukrainian