Structuring and evaluating the potential for public services in a Romanian pole of urban development Cover Image

Structurarea şi evaluarea potenţialului serviciilor publice ale unui pol de dezvoltare urbană din România
Structuring and evaluating the potential for public services in a Romanian pole of urban development

Author(s): Florin Marian Buhociu, Constantin Afanase
Subject(s): Governance
Keywords: urban development pole; public services; commercial services; commercial structure and public services; public services and commercial potential

Summary/Abstract: In Romania there are currently 13 designated cities as centers of urban development HGR/17.09.2008. They should have the role of binder between the seven poles and other small and medium-sized cities to mitigate the urban system and prevent the imbalance of development trends in the region they belong. Among the six criteria which led to the establishment of the poles municipalities and urban development is the one on "public services". Our paper aims to present a structure of this criterion, starting from its expansion by taking on analysis and commercial side of their business and services as such. Thus expanding research on the structure of the public and commercial services on the grounds that, in fact, more and more sectors / public areas and is developing an important component of the necessity of optimizing of their own trading activities. From this perspective we believe is necessary for a more complete assessment according to this criterion, both the overall assessment of public services, public or private, and of the commercial, private by excellence. We also appreciate that in analyzing the economic potential of an urban development pole, but also that of a pole of growth, public and commercial services have a majority in ensuring the conditions for living standards and from here a major European city to be given structuring and proper evaluation of these services. For an proper evaluation of the structure and public services and commercial potential of an urban development pole from Romania we have proposed that they be structured as follows: community public services; commercial public services: state, private (classified by NACE codes). In this way it can make the direct evaluation of the potential of these services but also, very important, forms of financing them. It was completed a case study for the city of Galati for which they were made several maps that include synthetic situation on the surface location of major public services. Spatial arrangement of public services may overlap the Galati area for which it made an map dividing the districts, including the specifying the number of inhabitants in each district that could be the beneficiaries of these services. Based on this information we can calculate specific indicators, quantitative and qualitative, of the public services of an urban development pole. Levels of these indicators can be compared with corresponding levels of the same indicators for an urban growth pole, thereby enabling decisions to be taken to determine near optimum levels of development of the two types of cities from Romania.

  • Issue Year: 2/2011
  • Issue No: 2
  • Page Range: 23-30
  • Page Count: 8
  • Language: Romanian