An Assessment in Kushan Jewellery in the Light of Tillia Tepe Findings Cover Image

Tillya Tepe Buluntuları Işığında Kuşan Kuyumculuğu Üzerine Bir Değerlendirme
An Assessment in Kushan Jewellery in the Light of Tillia Tepe Findings

Author(s): Engin Eroğlu
Subject(s): Archaeology, Fine Arts / Performing Arts, Ancient World
Published by: Sage Yayınları
Keywords: Kushan; Tillia Tepe; Jewellery; Origin;

Summary/Abstract: Defeated by the Huns, the Yuezhis went into the Western Turkistan by sweeping the Sakas and ended the Greek domination in the region. Thus the Great Hun Empire united Central Asia under a single flag. The Yuezhis together with the former Saka communities completely changed the ethnic structure of Western Turkistan and Afghanistan. It is thought that some other groups apart from the Sakas also joined to the Yuezhis during their progress to the West. Thus, the remains of the Greek culture from the period of Macedonian Alexander began to be lost in Afghanistan and also the Iran, which was under the domination of Parthian Empire, experienced a serious shock. Therefore, the Kushans, which dominated a geographical region of differences, did not develop a single understanding of art. However, the ability to gather different political elements under a single roof granted them the opportunity to melt the differences in the arts in the same pot.

  • Issue Year: 9/2017
  • Issue No: 36
  • Page Range: 637-644
  • Page Count: 8
  • Language: Turkish