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Migjeni, shkrimtar aq i diskutuar
Migjeni - a much discussed writer

Author(s): Klara Kodra
Subject(s): Poetry, Sociolinguistics, Albanian Literature, German Idealism, Hermeneutics
Published by: Qendra e Studimeve Albanologjike
Keywords: Migjeni; Albanian literature;

Summary/Abstract: In this article we arrive to the conclusion that Migjeni is a writer of centre in Albanian literature and he has an European value; that there were some excesses in his sociologic interpretation and also in psychoanalytic one; that his Nietzscheanism is reduced to anticlericalism and the cult of strong person, but the empathy of writer for “small man” doesn’t leave him to ignore “the crowd of slaves” that Nitzche poses to his Superman, nor to accept his inhuman aspect which is interweaved with superhuman in the concept of German Philosopher. White two so-called Nietzschean poems offer different ideas: the satirisation of a dictator to “The superman forms” (Trajtat e mbinjeriut) and the aspiration for a leader who has come out from the people breast, who isn’t against him to “To be born the man” (Të lindet njeriu”; Migjenis’s work stays between the optimism and pessimism: the first social and ethical that expresses trust to the man and progress, the second existential and relative, which is connected with the smallness and inability of the man against the universe and its lows; that writer belongs to literary current of realism, but of a special realism, grafted with elements of some modernist currents like expressionism and symbolism.

  • Issue Year: 2015
  • Issue No: 03-04
  • Page Range: 153-162
  • Page Count: 10
  • Language: Albanian