"Seramik Tasarımında Güzeli Arayış Sürecinde Yerel Değerlerin Esin Kaynağı Olarak Kullanımı"
"Usage of Local Values as The Inspiration Sourceduring the Beauty Seek Process in Ceramic Design"

Author(s): Mehmet Fatih Karagül
Subject(s): Architecture, Visual Arts, Environmental Geography, Aesthetics, Governance
Published by: Rating Academy
Keywords: Ceramic design; beauty; inspiration; local; Hellespont;

Summary/Abstract: The beauty that has been tried to be addressed with such fields as mathematics, architecture, geometry has been among the subjects of philosophers since antiquity. Although the concept of beauty varies according to the periods, beauty is in fact related to the conception of the people. According to Aristotle, the values we can grasp will be beautiful, otherwise considered as non-aesthetic. Although 144 there is not a formula of the ideal beauty, the concept of beauty changes in an abstract and concrete way, according to the persons who monitoring. Throughout the ages, we can see that the Anatolian coasts have been governed by different civilizations and are a source of rich cultural composition. With its strategic and geopolitical importance, Çanakkale shores also witnessed a significant part of this process. Foreign powers always want to possess these lands and the beauty of the richness of these lands. The word "Hellespont" is one of the names used throughout the history of the Dardanelles. Hellespont is a local value for Çanakkale as geographical environment, cultural wealth and sense of meaning. A series of thematic works on using Hellespont as inspiration in designs will be addressed in this notice.

  • Issue Year: 2/2017
  • Issue No: Special
  • Page Range: 143-150
  • Page Count: 8
  • Language: Turkish