Antinomies of Research Methods in Social Sciences: Methodenstreit Cover Image

Antinomies of Research Methods in Social Sciences: Methodenstreit
Antinomies of Research Methods in Social Sciences: Methodenstreit

Author(s): Jelena N. Božilović
Subject(s): History and theory of sociology, Methodology and research technology
Published by: Универзитет у Нишу
Keywords: Positivism; historism; hermeneutics; Romanticism; sociology

Summary/Abstract: The central issue of this paper is the so-called dispute over methods (Methodenstreit), which is based on the essential difference between natural and social phenomena. Methodological problems in sociology are related to the determination of its subject matter, and the history of the science has showed that these problems have represented the main point of disagreement between theoreticians. The debates on the issues of natural and social phenomena and, thus related, manners of their examination, began as early as in the times of ancient philosophy – starting with Aristotle, and continued through the so-called Galilean tradition that would find its peak in the positivist movement and the historistic school as its opposition. The paper draws attention to the theoretical-methodological positions of both sides in this dispute, the reaffirmation of hermeneutics, as well as the ideological background. Furthermore, certain opinions that formed through the integration of these two methodological approaches are also discussed here. The time of the Methodenstreit is the time when sociology was constituted, thus the concluding remarks emphasize the importance of this dispute for the constitution of sociology as a science, with a particular reflection on the influence of historism on German sociologists.

  • Issue Year: 16/2017
  • Issue No: 02
  • Page Range: 89-101
  • Page Count: 13
  • Language: English