Mass Psychology: Psychology of the Gezi Movement in the Light of Gustave Le Bon and Sigmund Freud Cover Image

Gustave Le Bon Ve Sigmund Freud'un Isiginda Kitle Psikolojisi Ve Gezi Hareketi'nin Psíkolojisi
Mass Psychology: Psychology of the Gezi Movement in the Light of Gustave Le Bon and Sigmund Freud

Author(s): Fazilet Ahu Özmen
Subject(s): History of Psychology, Social psychology and group interaction, Cognitive Psychology, 19th Century
Published by: Rasim Özgür DÖNMEZ
Keywords: Mass; Gezi; Common Soul; Sub-consciousness; Common Consciousness; Mass Psychology; Gustave Le Bon; Sigmund Freud;

Summary/Abstract: Defined as mass psychology, the characteristics of the social, psychological behaviors and attitudes of mass, has been analyzed, in the 19th century, by the famous French social scientists Gustave Le Bon, Gabriel Tarde, pioneer of the German psychological school Sigmund Freud and English psychologist William Mc Dougall. These researchers have analyzed the psychology of mass movements occurring in the framework of social events, the gathering of people possessing different cultural and social values around an event and have argued that the acting of the mass with a collective consciousness and collective soul creates mass psychology. Especially, according to Le Bon and Freud, acting through “common soul”, “common consciousness”, “subconsciousness” that are the main characteristics of the mass psychology; are among the most important values of mass movements. The Gezi Movement, which took place in May- August 2013 in the Gezi Park, has also demonstrated the characteristics of a mass movement. Individuals and social groups composed of these individuals participating to the movement have acted through mass psychology. The proper characteristics of masses defined in Mass Psychology analyses of Le Bon and Freud have also been found in the masses participating to the Gezi Movement since these masses have tried to develop their resistance through the typical framework of mass psychology. This study has the purpose to provide an analysis of the Gezi Movement as a mass movement in the light of the scholars of the French and German social psychology school Gustave Le Bon and Sigmund Freud.

  • Issue Year: 7/2015
  • Issue No: 1
  • Page Range: 183-206
  • Page Count: 24
  • Language: Turkish