Priority directions of improvement of the organizational and functional structure of public administration in the sphere of humanitarian development in Ukraine Cover Image

Priority directions of improvement of the organizational and functional structure of public administration in the sphere of humanitarian development in Ukraine

Author(s): Zhanna Petrivna Rumko
Subject(s): Politics / Political Sciences, Governance, Public Administration, Government/Political systems, Welfare services
Published by: Національна академія керівних кадрів культури і мистецтв
Keywords: socio-humanitarian sphere; cultural policy; human development; public social policy; a person; government strategy of humanitarian development; organizational and functional structure;

Summary/Abstract: The paper analyzes the situation resulting from the adaptation of educational, cultural, healthcare institutions to a market economy. It is noted that the crisis in these areas is caused, to a great extent, by the inability of the state, under conditions of economic difficulties, to maintain budgetary funds at the required level in order to finance the socio-cultural sphere and also by the fact that the latter was inherited by modern Ukraine from the times of planned economy.The analysis of organizational and functional structure of state administration in the field of human development made it possible to identify priority areas for improvement of its activities, including:- enhancing the prestige of the executive agencies, responsible for humanitarian policy, which in turn will reduce the occurrence of destructive tendencies in society, uncontrollable local and asocial processes;- improving the standards of living;- a clear development strategy of the organizational and functional structure of state administration;- working on the development strategy of the regions and the whole country by the budget and tax systems;- the presence of intellectual potential in all areas.Internal and external environment factors and obstacles were highlighted, namely:- forming and implementation of the high standard of living; - civilizational guidelines of humanitarian development of Ukraine;- achievements and needs in the humanitarian field;- implementation of European standards in the legal support of national humanitarian sector;- reforming of the Ukrainian education system in the context of major trends in the European Higher Education Area;- culture as a factor of the formation of European identity and the growth of the human potential of the country;- actualization of Ukrainian heritage as an integral part of the European heritage;- modernization dimension of cultural policy;- integrated management model of cultural and information space of Ukraine.The article states that our country is among the countries with high scientific potential, so priority activity of public authorities should comprise the creation of conditions that provide not only an increase of such potential, but, above all, its maximal realization for the public interest. The state has to become a leader of innovation and direct investment development and an organizer of research and development in advanced areas of scientific and technological progress and to facilitate their implementation in all spheres of economic activity.The article analyzes the existing the following problems: inconsistent of legislation in the field of innovation and investment; significant reduction of the innovative activity of enterprises and general deterioration of innovation of culture; ineffectiveness of legal protection of intellectual property; an appropriate forecasting system of scientific and technological development and innovation has not been created; widespread practice of ignoring the law or suspension of the articles of laws concerning financial support of innovation.Despite the fact that the basic constituents of humanitarian spheres – education, culture, science, and health – are investigated more than by one generation of scientists and researchers, social policy itself has become the object of attention and learning in our country not long ago. A practical interest to itself, this sphere of social activity has retuned just the last decade – since the development and establishment of independent democratic Ukrainian state. The article deals with the concept of humanitarian policy and human development.It was determined and analyzed 1) the nature of humanitarian policy as a system of principles, objectives, mechanisms, consistent measures aimed at creating conditions for the development of the humanitarian community; 2) social dynamics of education, science and culture; 3) providing intellectual and spiritual security of a person; 4) implementation of humanitarian and spiritual needs of a person; 5) formation and enrichment of people's creative potential; 6) comprehensive fulfillment of the essential powers of a person, his/her spirituality.The article examines humanitarian policy not just as a one-sided mechanism to ensure human development, but also as a mechanism of interaction between a person, society and a state, which appears, on the one hand, to focus on people, improving the conditions of life, and on the other hand – to attract people to the state processes, and in a broader sense – to the world cooperation and development, which is now so important for the humanitarian development of the Ukrainian state.

  • Issue Year: 2014
  • Issue No: 3
  • Page Range: 126-132
  • Page Count: 7
  • Language: Ukrainian