Satellite Broadcasts of Performances: How They Change the Theatrical Landscape Cover Image
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Сателитни излъчвания на спектакли: как променят театралния ландшафт
Satellite Broadcasts of Performances: How They Change the Theatrical Landscape

Author(s): Nikolay Yordanov
Subject(s): Theatre, Dance, Performing Arts, Fine Arts / Performing Arts
Published by: Институт за изследване на изкуствата, Българска академия на науките

Summary/Abstract: In the second decade of the twenty-first century, live broadcasting of dramatic, ballet and operatic productions, of concerts, exhibitions and even of video games competitions at picture houses across the world have evolved into a cultural phenomenon calling for explanation. First of all, what are in fact these broadcasts in terms of art practices, going beyond the traditional art forms and genre divisions; being neither motion pictures nor explainable simply as televised theatricals or satellite TV broadcasts? Their hybrid art status poses a theoretical challenge. The fact that these may be broadcast, both live or recorded, is vital. If their screening as recordings can be analysed in terms of video culture, then their live broadcasts blur the lines between live and non-live performances. The text traces empirically the major theatrical and operatic productions broadcast live across the world: production centres, artworks, genre choices. The major issue brought up in the article, is the opposition between the concentration of resources and artistic strengths in several world centres, on the one hand, and the local theatrical context in which satellite broadcasting exists along with the local theatrical traditions, on the other. What are the positive and negative outcomes of such coexistence? How do they change and rearrange the socio-cultural context? How does the very theatrical language change in the process as a result of the competition between satellite broadcasting and the traditional forms of presenting such productions?

  • Issue Year: 2016
  • Issue No: 2
  • Page Range: 91-98
  • Page Count: 8
  • Language: Bosnian, English