Research Methodology of the concepts talent and internalization of the gifted person’s cultural values in the works of Ukrainian and foreign scientists Cover Image

Research Methodology of the concepts talent and internalization of the gifted person’s cultural values in the works of Ukrainian and foreign scientists

Author(s): Oksana Mykolayivna Gavelya
Subject(s): Preschool education, School education, Educational Psychology
Published by: Національна академія керівних кадрів культури і мистецтв
Keywords: talents; genius; gifted person; internalization of the gifted person’s cultural values;

Summary/Abstract: In philosophy, culture and psychology the research methodology of social and natural essence of giftedness is defined.. There are meny scientific debates around this topic, which are generated by a variety of views on the nature of giftedness, the difinition of "talent". It determines the relevance of the study. The selection and the integration of natural and social features of the gifted person allows us to consider this concept as an integrative concept.On the one hand, the gift is a particular positive mixture of some specific traits which hold its further complicated development due to the influence of various factors.A person can be considered primarily as genotypic organism. Such famous scientists as Z. Freid, C. Jung, A. Adler, E. Eriksson, E. Fromm, R. Cattell, G. Eysenck, J. Watson, B. Skinner, A. Bandura, J. Rotter, A. Maslow, C. Rogers believe that the term "person" expresses indivisibility, integrity, and specific features of the subject that appeare in the early stages of life development.On the other hand, we should not forget that the talent is the only condition for a successful formation of a per-son, who has to become the personality, being included in broad social relations by the activities and communication. The social character of the category "person" is discovered by its features. They are rationality, freedom, individuality and responsibility. Thus, the formation of the gifted person is influenced by two main factors: individual properties and social environment.In our research, we select the following stages of socialization. They are the internalization of cultural values and legal, moral norms which govern the personal behavior, the formation sociogenic needs that determine the personal activities, the establishment of a complex multipurposed and multidirected program of the personal life.The internalization of cultural values of the gifted person is reviewed as a process of expansion and creation of her/himself. The results of it are the transformation of person’s inner world, its raising to the new intellectual, creative and spiritual level of development.The basic of our research is cultural values that’s why we have chosen a value approach. In this sense, cultural values are the cultural achievements of human society in production (technical aesthetics and design), art (works of art) and mental (art criticism, art science and etc.) activity. Instead of the word "achievement" is also used the word "values." The main idea of this approach is a focus on the products which results are embodied in the achievements of culture.Certainly, we cannot avoid the subjective assessments, emphasizing the need to study this phenomenon on the basis of systematic and scientific approaches that allow us to reveal the dynamics of cultural values, their contradictions, problems, laws, the development of necessary and accidental total and individual. We use cultural approach to find out the dependence of the internalization of cultural values process on the conditions of artistic and creative education and mental characteristics of gifted personality and the culture of the whole society. According to the cultural approach the gifted person at the same time is a subject and an object of human culture in a certain direction. Being situated in the center of a culture process, it defines the progressive nature of the pro-posed changes in the society. We recognize the gifted person is a basic value of society, the creator of her/himself and other people. Thegifted person gain it by improving its output such as spiritual, physical, cultural and natural values. The last one defines akseological approach.The gifted person as a public value should be free in their activities and protected from social, economic, personal and psychological pressure. The previous approach is connected with acmeologicalone, which recognizes the free movement of the gifted person towards the endless growth and its identity in a deepness (for B.G. Ananyev).So the gifted person chooses as the external cause of his/her activity, the most relevant objects of reality, but she acts as a determinant, a subject of the own work at all three levels of consideration where the person is a subject. They are the level of the organism (life) person (learning values) and personality (creation of value). The presence of existing methodological approaches give the opportunity to develop working definitions of these phenomena.Based on the studying of the social and natural essence of the gifted person we detailed the interpretation of the concept "giftedness", which is considered as a system of psychodynamic characteristics of the personality. It occurs in the development of innate qualities and characteristics of the individual and in a sustainable focus on creative activities. The genius is considered by us as the highest degree of talent. Its results are characterized by exceptional novelty, originality, and form an epoch in the life of society, the development of culture and leave in the universal memory forever.