Characteristic features of style World music through the prism of the band "DakhaBrakha" Cover Image

Characteristic features of style World music through the prism of the band "DakhaBrakha"

Author(s): Veronica Tormakhova
Subject(s): Customs / Folklore, Music, Semiology, Cultural Anthropology / Ethnology
Published by: Національна академія керівних кадрів культури і мистецтв
Keywords: World music; "DakhaBrakha"; folklore; song; ethno-chaos;

Summary/Abstract: The article analyzes the characteristics of styles World music. Group "DakhaBrakha" that works in this direction shows the connection of various ethnic musical traditions, including not only the Ukrainian folklore, but also Russian, African and Indian. Special style is to appeal to archaic layers of folk melodies, lyrics, frets and toolkit. A striking visual image of the group, which also infused various Ukrainian folk traditions, is filled with theatrical and spectacular entertainment. World music is one of the leading areas of modern art that is associated with the emergence of a kind of counter-culture in relation to mass music. Appeal to ancient folklore layers of different ethnic groups intertwined with the latest discoveries in the field of musical acoustics, technological advances in sound processing and actual practices, such scratching, sampling and etc. The group "DakhaBrakha" is one the most prominent representatives of Ukrainian music space, working towards World music. The main and basic principle of style World Music appeals to the earliest archaic forms of folklore around the world. World Music is a kind of synthesis of different ethnic (folk) music traditions into a single whole, accompanied by contemporary reporting, urgent sound and work with modern technologies. Participants characterized by surprisingly wide approach to the selection tools. Actually, each of the musicians playing several instruments, besides all can act as vocalists. Tools that use of the band members can be divided into "classic" and "ethnic". In classical composition symphony, orchestra and orchestra of folk instruments are cello, flute, accordion, trombone, bass drum and percussion. Instead, the second group – "ethnic" instruments rather little known to the public audience, which allocated a significant amount of percussion: Djembe (West African drum), darbuka (percussion instrument indeterminate pitch, a small drum, widespread in the Maghreb, Egypt, Turkey, the Caucasus and the Balkans), and table (Indian percussion instrument). Also in some compositions used zhaliyka (Slavic brass reed musical instrument), bag-pipes, bittern (bass friction instrument), accordion, didgeridoo (a wind instrument musical Aboriginal Australia, which is one of the oldest wind instruments in the world). One of the important features of the group "DakhaBrakha" is its strong national Ukrainian flavor, which, as already noted, is manifested at different levels. This external factors, like the visual design of Ukrainian folk costumes and internal use of folk melodies, texts, modes, rhythms. In addition, the musical material that attracts musicians in their compositions – is authentic songs they collected mainly in the central region of Ukraine. The band members consciously seek to revive Ukrainian folklore. As the M.Halanevych: "Of course, no Ukrainian authentic music would not be our creativity; Ukrainian song tradition is the basis of our experiments. And even if our songs do not sound any Ukrainian motif, still is the music of Ukraine. We play the music world with our understanding of what it may "[3]. In ancient times the sense of time was quite different, due to sunlight employment accompanied by songs that consisted of a large number of solos that had somehow eased the long and monotonous work.The characteristics of folk and ritual traditions are collective, variance, anonymity and syncretism. It is archaic layers of folk art form of the rite indissoluble unity, in which a correlation descendants of ancestors, laws ordering the world, and therefore reflects the outlook of Ukrainian. The researcher points out that each cultural epoch has typical archetypes, images, symbols, values and myths that contribute peculiar to this ethnic group ways of interpreting the traditions, customs, rituals, lifestyle and mentality. This is the heritage of Ukrainian folklore, oral folk literature fullness images, symbols, archetypes and values. In the work group "DakhaBrakha" revived archaic folklore layers, which in combination with a novel created a reconstruction of ancient Ukrainian life.