Media in Monetnegro Cover Image

Media w Czarnogórze
Media in Monetnegro

Author(s): Małgorzata Łakota-Micker
Subject(s): Media studies
Published by: Wydawnictwo Uczelni Jana Wyżykowskiego
Keywords: Montenegro; Freedom of media; Western Balkans

Summary/Abstract: Media constitute an important means of information transfer. They shape thecitizens awareness and make it possible to reach a wide range of information. Beingcalled the fourth estate, besides the information function, in many cases media becomecensors. In Montenegro, which aspires to become the member of the European Unionand carries out the accession negotiations, it might seem that all standards as to the medialaw are kept. The country passed all the most important legal regulations in that matter.Yet, the deeper analysis of the freedom of Montenegro media shows that the situationis not so transparent. Media remain dependent on the political relations, sources offinancing. The opinion-forming environment is corrupted, and the journalists’ situationis difficult. Those who attempt to write about politics, reveal underhanded business,abusive activity from the side of the authorities, judicial authorities, are often placedat risk of violence both verbal and physical. The article shows the current situation ofmedia in the democratic country, which is Montenegro.