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Quality Management of Catering Services
Quality Management of Catering Services

Author(s): Saša Stepanov, Nemanja Stepanov, Nataša Vukotić
Subject(s): Business Economy / Management
Published by: Društvo ekonomista "Ekonomika" Niš
Keywords: service quality standard; customer satisfaction; loyalty

Summary/Abstract: Today’s quality, in terms of high competition and an increasingly growing demands of consumers one of the key factors for the survival of business systems on the market. From the point of customer service quality in the tourism industry, and its expectations are growing every day and more. By providing continuous and complete quality of service, set the preconditions for achieving customer satisfaction and in this sense by providing the desired quality for them and their satisfaction achieved a number of competitive advantages. The system TQM - Total Quality Management (TQM) is a philosophy that the tourism developed countries finds its application and includes a number of activities to be undertaken in quality assurance. The long-term source of revenue for the company are satisfied customers, both positive propaganda which they perform, thus affecting the new, potential guests, as well as restoring and repeated visits.