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Marketing Services the Hotel and Resturant
Marketing Services the Hotel and Resturant

Author(s): Branko Mihailović
Subject(s): Marketing / Advertising, Tourism
Published by: Društvo ekonomista "Ekonomika" Niš
Keywords: Marketing; hotels; restaurants; services; marketing relations

Summary/Abstract: In recent decades, the service sector is gaining in importance. In a good part of the developed world, its growth takes place very rapidly, and in some countries 60% to 70% of gross national income (GNI) in the services sectors, so that it far exceeds the percentage of industrial or agricultural production. At the same time, customers are increasingly demanding, expecting more value and profits of the services they purchase. In their relations with service companies are trying to gain greater influence on decision-making. Specifically, users are looking for a new relationship based on a new marketing, which is known as relationship marketing. His clear and characteristic feature is the creation and maintenance of long-term mutually beneficial relationships with a defined group of users. Accordingly aim of this paper is to discuss the role of marketing services in the hotel and restaurant through the prism of marketing concept that is tailored to the service sector. The research results show it is necessary to develop a marketing approach that is suited to current trends in the hotel and restaurant, which also provides a significant marketing information base on incentive and restrictive factors of the development of the service sector, which can contribute to the optimization of business decision-making.