Anti-German and anti-Soviet propaganda in the underground press Cover Image

Propaganda antyniemiecka i antysowiecka w prasie podziemnej SZP-ZWZ-AK (1939–1944)
Anti-German and anti-Soviet propaganda in the underground press

Author(s): Anna Marcinkiewicz-Kaczmarczyk
Subject(s): Politics / Political Sciences, Politics, History, Political history, Government/Political systems, Security and defense
Published by: Uniwersytet Humanistyczno-Przyrodniczy im. Jana Długosza w Częstochowie
Keywords: Home Army; underground press; Department of Information and Propaganda; anti-German propaganda; anti-Soviet propaganda

Summary/Abstract: The military underground organization was established during defense of Poland in September 1939. Three years later that organization adopted final name – the Home Army. The Home Army was sabotaging German operations. The orders for the Home Army were sent from the Headquarters of the Polish Armed Forces in the West.The most important part of activity of the Home Army was anti-German i anti-Soviet propaganda. The Department of Information and Propaganda was established in the frame work of the Home Army. This institution was responsible for education activity among polish underground soldiers and published some propagandist articles in the underground papers.The underground papers were published across the country but the most copies arrived to War-saw and other major cities. During the period from 1939 to 1945, The Department of Information and Propaganda published more than 250 different underground papers.The way of conducting anti-German i anti-Soviet propaganda depended on the military and political situation. Their aim was shaping patriotic attitude to life and hate of the occupiers. What’s important that Polish people who were living in Warsaw sow all crimes were commited by Germans during the occupation. They hated Germans but often didn’t know about Soviet’s crimes. In generall, the anti-German propaganda was more effective in that territory as to campared with the anti-Soviet propaganda

  • Issue Year: 7/2015
  • Issue No: 1
  • Page Range: 63-89
  • Page Count: 27
  • Language: Polish