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Osobine ličnosti i kvalitet terapijske alijanse
Personality Traits and Evaluation of Psychotherapy Alliance

Author(s): Sanja Bratina
Subject(s): Clinical psychology, Psychoanalysis
Keywords: Clients; therapist; relationship; personality; gestalt

Summary/Abstract: Over the past decades in the field of psychotherapy, the researchers were mainly concentrated on the investigation of therapeutic procedures, protocols, and therapeutic techniques. Although this way provides a significant contribution to the understanding of psychotherapy process and outcome, the unique contribution of personality traits of psychotherapists and clients was in the background. The research explored the relations between personality traits and evaluation of psychotherapeutic alliance. Basic problem was formulated via question: Are there relations between personality of the clients, diagnoses, age and evaluation of psychotherapy alliance? Personality traits were chosen from the “Big Five” model, and were measured by the Big Five plus Two Questionnaire. Evaluation of psychotherapy alliance was based on the humanistic-existential theory and was measured by the Relationship Questionnaire. The sample comprised of 58 subjects, participants of experiential Gestalt psychotherapy groups. The results showed that there was an important influence of Openness on evaluation of psychotherapy relationship F(6,44)=3.445, p<.01. Differences concerning Diagnoses were not significant.

  • Issue Year: 2016
  • Issue No: 8
  • Page Range: 75-88
  • Page Count: 14
  • Language: Serbian