Natural Resources Potential of Northern Regions: Consistent Features of Comprehensive Assessment Cover Image

Природно-ресурсный потенциал северных районов: методические особенности комплексной оценки
Natural Resources Potential of Northern Regions: Consistent Features of Comprehensive Assessment

Author(s): Valery Vasilyevich Balashenko, Margarita Nikolayevna Ignatyeva, Vladimir Grigoryevich Loginov
Subject(s): Economy, Geography, Regional studies
Published by: Институт экономики Уральского отделения Российской академии наук
Keywords: natural resources potential; economic evaluation of the Northern territory; methodological approaches; specificity;

Summary/Abstract: The economic evaluation of renewable natural resources is the urgent and unsolved problem. Today, the assessment ofnatural resources is a priority for the national strategy of environmental management. In our country, a great influence on thisprocess was provided by the development of market relations, causing the necessity to evaluate the natural resources potential.The state cadastral evaluation of natural resources is the basis for land tax, but it does not allow to assess comprehensively thenatural resources potential. The article reveals the concept of economic evaluation, describes its implementation in the Northernregions. In the paper, the authors consider the traditional methodological approaches to the economic evaluation: cost and itsmodification, rent, market and alternative ones as well as the approaches based on the results of sociological research widelyused lately. Also, the methodological approaches using the results of sociological research are utilized. For the assessment of thenatural resources, the authors recommend the effective approaches that ensure the comparability calculations and improvementof the reliability of results. The proposed methodological approaches to the measurement of land, forestry, hunting, fishery andbiological resources of wild plants allow to take into account the specific features of the Northern territories and implementa comprehensive economic assessment of natural resources potential of the territory. The authors consider the calculation ofthe unit value index of natural resources potential to rank the Northern territories of the Russian Federation according to theproportionality of project investment for development of natural resources. Methodological recommendations are approved forthe conditions of the Berezovsky municipal region of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug — Yugra.

  • Issue Year: 11/2015
  • Issue No: 4
  • Page Range: 84-94
  • Page Count: 11
  • Language: Russian