Beginning and development of Feldscher education in Bulgaria from 1879 to 1944 Cover Image
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Начало и развитие на фелдшерското образование в България от 1879 до 1944 г
Beginning and development of Feldscher education in Bulgaria from 1879 to 1944

Author(s): Penka Vracheva, Iliana Pavlova
Subject(s): History, Social Sciences, Education, Cultural history, Modern Age, Recent History (1900 till today), History of Education, Health and medicine and law, 19th Century
Published by: Балканска асоциация по история и философия на медицината (БАИФМ)
Keywords: feldschers; education; school; history

Summary/Abstract: The beginning of Feldscher education dates back to 1879. Although the existence of „Temporary rules for the structure of medical management“ at that period, the Feldscher education was the first legislated medical education in Bulgaria. The necessities after the Russian-Turkish war enforced the establishment of the first schools. The education was in direct relation with the formation of the army. Its organization, the conditions and the difficulties in the preparation were being tracked. The aim of the research is to trace the appearance and the development in the Feldscher education in Bulgaria from 1879 to 1944. Documentary material was used in order thorough analysis of the first steps of the organization and the development of this specialty as an educational discipline to be made. Following the chronology of the events an accentuation was put on the organization, the difficulties and the development of the Feldscher education. Materials and methods: the survey was carried out on the basis of official historical documents which are conserved in the „Military historical archive“. Results and conclusions: the usage of historical material allowed the establishment of the student`s education to be tracked. In the beginning it was implemented on Russian model with the support of the Russian presence in the country. The schools were closed on numerous occasions as well as established when there was an acute necessity of medical staff which was supposed to serve the military forces and the Bulgarian community.

  • Issue Year: XI/2016
  • Issue No: 01+02
  • Page Range: 120-125
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  • Language: Bulgarian