“Prolegomena Filozofii Pracy” by Stanisław Brzozowski in the context of our murderous struggle for future generations Cover Image

"Prolegomena filozofii pracy" Stanisława Brzozowskiego w kontekście naszych morderczych zmagań dla przyszłych pokoleń
“Prolegomena Filozofii Pracy” by Stanisław Brzozowski in the context of our murderous struggle for future generations

Author(s): Katarzyna Popek
Subject(s): Philosophy, History of Philosophy, Contemporary Philosophy
Published by: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu w Białymstoku
Keywords: class struggle; work; consciousness of life; philosophy of process

Summary/Abstract: Without doubt “Prolegomena filozofii pracy” by Stanislaw Brzozowski sets in a historical perspective the trail which we can go through not only thanks to our serious effort, but also to the intangible internal gesture. According to this philosopher, the work irreversibly determines the shape of our lives; it creates a world of culture. What is more, life is its purpose in the sense that it makes permanent transformations in the world that protects human life – not necessarily our own! According to this new logic, man creates his life and the cognition of himself. Reconstruction of murderous mental rite of work is impossible, because living matter wears just down through the work. However, according to Brzozowski, we cannot know anything except our own life. We constantly think about it, we give it some shape. The author passionately draws from Hegel’s philosophy of process, but he arrives at his own implications. Brzozowski has made a specific identification of consciousness with a deep philosophy. In his opinion, our fear of the future would not be justified if we could rely on the work of our ancestors. However, work remains our constant challenge. In general, a person is very weak and fragile in the face of the world of nature. We are weak when we are subordinated to the objective rules. If a human develops in the work – he and she protects and cares for their truly human dignity. Brzozowski was a rebelious thinker. He believed in the cause of the working class even more than their own strength. I would like to dedicate my article to Stanislaw Brzozowski to demonstrate what a piercing philosopher and a theorist of social thought he was.

  • Issue Year: 2014
  • Issue No: XXVI
  • Page Range: 467-484
  • Page Count: 18
  • Language: Polish