Names in Fantasy Space in the MMORPG Game Kroniki Fallathanu 2 (Fallathan Chronicles 2) Cover Image
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Nazewnictwo przestrzeni fantasy w grze MMORPG Kroniki Fallathanu 2
Names in Fantasy Space in the MMORPG Game Kroniki Fallathanu 2 (Fallathan Chronicles 2)

Author(s): Izabela Domaciuk-Czarny, Patrycja Herbut
Subject(s): Language and Literature Studies
Published by: Ústav pro jazyk český Akademie věd České republiky
Keywords: onymy in computer games; MMORPG games; fantasy; forms and functions of proper names

Summary/Abstract: The article focuses on proper names in a text-based computer game Fallathan Chronicles 2. It discusses MMORPG games, and fantasy space that influences onymy in the game. The proper names in the game bear a close resemblance to proper names known from fantasy literature. Thus, it may be concluded that the central category for analysis of such names is space. The main classes of names that appear in the game include geographical names and the names of various creatures – both humans and characters belonging to different races (for instance elves and dwarfs). Proper names are employed to emphasize the otherness of the presented world; therefore, the authors of the game often introduce foreign words and phonemes. They also use the so-called name generator to create words that are random combinations of syllables. The article discusses main functions and forms of onyms and provides motivations behind using proper names. The analysis points to intertextual functions of some of the names.

  • Issue Year: LV/2016
  • Issue No: 55
  • Page Range: 69-80
  • Page Count: 12
  • Language: Polish