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Riders on the Storm, czyli co takiego romantycznego było w muzyce rockowej
Riders on the Storm. Study About the Age of Romanticism in Rock Music

Author(s): Jacek Kurek
Subject(s): Cultural Essay, Political Essay, Societal Essay
Published by: Instytut Nauk o Kulturze i Studiów Interdyscyplinarnych - Wydział Filologiczny - Uniwersytet Śląski
Keywords: rock music; romanticism; hippies; art

Summary/Abstract: The essay was trying to perform interesting argument, that ideas of romanticism have a lot intriguing aspects in different ways, for example in music sphere. The Author trying to find similar values for the age of romanticism and world of rock at 60's and 70's in our century. The Author contributed a great extent to major changes in definition of romanticism literature. He thinks, that it is possible to find a lot of references with romanticism literature for example in titles of music groups (there are many connection with Novalis, Faust or Holderlin), also a lot of inspirations came from William Blakes's works or Edgar Allan Poe's. Turn of 60's and 70's past century reminds zenith of naive romanticism, which perform once again imitation of art. Music contra poetry become a lifestyle from the romanticism offer. This essay has convinced - rebellion and striving for freedom as immanent figures, it seems to be fundamental desires for beat generation and hippies. Otherwise, author has marked, that rebellion and striving for freedom are consequences intense disappointing. It caused by war, that was a reason why they ruined ideas of their own youthfulness. The Romanticist was a rebel. He thought of himself as cursed man, who will be as rebellious angel, who in fact turned into falling angel - Satan. In this dispute the author has admitted - Satanism came into existence as one language of the romanticism rebellion. Awhile but dynamic, creators of rock has fought for better world. The Example of this kind of fight could be situation, when Beethoven signed his script of the third symphony and called "Bonaparte". These concentrations of ideas, these creativity, strength and power hadn't been repeated. The truth is the second part of 60's made rock music as originally art. As author was convinced beyond any diagnosis, it is possible believe in range of romanticism ideas, they're going to signal about self.

  • Issue Year: 2009
  • Issue No: 12-13
  • Page Range: 186-200
  • Page Count: 15
  • Language: Polish