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Dascăli gălăţeni într-un izvor inedit de la mijlocul secolului al XIX-lea
Parish Clerks from Galaţi in an Unpublished Document from the Midst of the 19th Century

Author(s): Eugen Drăgoi
Subject(s): Local History / Microhistory, 19th Century
Published by: Muzeul de Istorie „Paul Păltănea” Galaţi

Summary/Abstract: The unpublished document under study is a Record of Parish Clerks, a register of the church singers from Covurlui county, elaborated in 1858. To the best of our knowledge, this „record” is the oldest register of parish clerks from Covurlui county discovered so far. The documentary and historical value of the document preserved in the Archives of the Archpriest of Galaţi (file no. 77/1858, f. 125-128) is given both by the age of the document and by the precious information it conveys regarding the local churches (names of the parishes, patrons of the churches) and the lives of the parish clerks (the physical condition of some, their genealogy, the fluctuations in their positions, date of death etc). Some of the church singers mentioned in the records served as teachers in the schools held by the churches from Galaţi, at the middle of the 19th century. The author realizes a comparative analysis of the information conveyed by the document, restraining his investigation only to the 18 churches from the town of Galaţi. The information comprised in this unpublished Record of Old and New Parish Clerks from the town of Galaţi substantially adds to our knowledge regarding the church singers from the middle of the 19th century. This valuable document can’t be ignored by any future monography regarding the churches from Galaţi.

  • Issue Year: XXVII/2009
  • Issue No: 1
  • Page Range: 77-96
  • Page Count: 19
  • Language: Romanian
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