Between Price and Paine Cover Image

Price és Paine között
Between Price and Paine

Author(s): Mária Ludassy
Subject(s): Philosophy
Published by: Erdélyi Unitárius Egyház
Keywords: Richard Price, Thomas Paine, translation, Hungarian, German, János Körmöczi

Summary/Abstract: This paper presents the work “Review of the Principal Questions in Morals” by the dissenter Richard Price (1723–1791) and its Hungarian translation. It states that the concept of patriotism outlined in Price’s writing is very close to Thomas Paine’s (1737–1809) ideas, which is preserved in the Hungarian translation also. The author considers this worthy of recognition, for Körmöczi was using a German text to create the Hungarian version.

  • Issue Year: 120/2014
  • Issue No: 3-4
  • Page Range: 296-302
  • Page Count: 7
  • Language: Hungarian