DIOGENES OF APOLLONIA. FRAGMENTS AND TESTIMONIA: Introduction, Russian translation and notes  Cover Image

ДИОГЕН ИЗ АПОЛЛОНИИ. ФРАГМЕНТЫ И СВИДЕТЕЛЬСТВА: Предисловие, перевод, комментарии, приложения, указатели
DIOGENES OF APOLLONIA. FRAGMENTS AND TESTIMONIA: Introduction, Russian translation and notes

Author(s): Eugene Afonasin
Subject(s): Philosophy
Published by: Новосибирский государственный университет
Keywords: Early Greek science; the philosophy of nature; the history of medicine

Summary/Abstract: The publication is dedicated to Diogenes of Apollonia, the "last Presocratic cosmologist" (fl. 440-430 B.C.E). Building upon the great edition by André Laks (1983, 22008) it contains a Russian translation and commentaries on the few extant fragments of Diogenes’ writing(s?) and more extensive ancient testimonia about his life and teachings. The main body of the publication comprises the fragments, doxographical testimonia and doubtful testimonia. The texts are arranged according to the principles proposed by A. Laks and differ from what we find in Diels-Kranz both in terms of their order and their content, with a few new pieces of evidence added and the context of the fragments and testimonia considerably expanded. The first section contains Fragments 1-12 (three more than in Diels-Kranz). Doxographical testimonia are subdivided in 1. Biographical evidence (T[estimonia] 1 a,b,c); 2. The principle (T 2-4); 3. Life and consciousness (T 5-14); 4. Semen and embryo (T 15-20); 5. The Universe (T 21-36), and Dubia (S 1-5). Variant doxographical testimonia (those by Ps.-Plutarch, Stobaeus, Ps.-Galen, etc.) are usually quoted in full and discussed at some length in the commentary. The paper contains Appendices (I. Diogenes Laertius, Vita philosophorum IX, 57; II. Simplicius on Diogenes; and III. Anatomical views of Diogenes) and Index locorum. The publication will be useful for specialists in ancient cosmology, medicine, and other areas of early philosophy and science, as well as researchers with an interest in doxography.

  • Issue Year: III/2009
  • Issue No: 2
  • Page Range: 559-611
  • Page Count: 52
  • Language: Russian