Bogomil-Cathar Philosophy as a Pan-European Anti-crisis Consciousness Cover Image
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Богомило-катарската философия като паневропейско антикризисно самосъзнание
Bogomil-Cathar Philosophy as a Pan-European Anti-crisis Consciousness

Author(s): Erika Lazarova
Subject(s): Philosophy
Published by: Институт по философия и социология при БАН
Keywords: dualistic heresy; dualist Christianity; Bogomil’s teaching; Cathars; choice; crisis; crisis оf consciousness; urban culture; commune; social philosophy; philosophy of change;

Summary/Abstract: Abstract: The Bogomil’s teaching was born as an opposition against the Church as well as a fight for the values of the true Apostolic Christianity. The genealogy of the word ‘heresy’ means that it is not a false faith, but a spiritual choice connected in the fall of the Dualistic Christianity with the cosmic worldview, based on the concept of antagonism ‘Good-Evil’. The Bogomil-Cathar philosophy is a Pan-European anti-crisis consciousness, a reaction against the Canon, the amoral clergy, and the economic crisis in the beginning of the Millenium. At the same time, its advantage is determined by the success of the urban culture and the communal movement. As a philosophy of change, the „True Christianity“ is a synthesis between: 1) ethics of personal self-perfection and 2) an innovative social philosophy, whose ideal is the creation of New Earth and New Heaven as well as the total transformation of man, social life and universe understood as a general victory of Good (God) in the process of personal and cosmic evolution.

  • Issue Year: XXII/2013
  • Issue No: 3
  • Page Range: 20-36
  • Page Count: 17
  • Language: Bulgarian