First Tsar Shishman Days – 2007  Cover Image

Първи Царшишманови дни – 2007 г.
First Tsar Shishman Days – 2007

Author(s): Rossen Malchev
Subject(s): Anthropology
Published by: Асоциация за антропология, етнология и фолклористика ОНГЬЛ

Summary/Abstract: In the first decade of XXI century there are 600 years since the last battles of Tsar Ivan Shishman, his brothers and inheritors for the liberty of Bulgaria. According to folklore and historical intelligences a considerable part of these dramatic and heroic events which end with the decease of the tsar happened on the west Bulgarian lands (including Samokov region). This fact is known to the Bulgarian science but it is imposed another official thesis according to which the last days of the reign of the tsar and his decease happened near Nikopol in 1395. There are foreign scientists (mainly Slav scholars) who are bolder in their conclusions about the „Samokov vestige” in the actions of Tsar Ivan Shishman but their work is not enough for organization of a serious dispute on this important problem of the Bulgarian history.