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Исторически образи в българския фолклор
Historical Personages in Bulgarian Folklore

Author(s): Petar Dinekov
Subject(s): Anthropology
Published by: Институт за етнология и фолклористика с Етнографски музей при БАН

Summary/Abstract: Historical personage appeared in Bulgarian folklore at a very early stage – in songs and legends relating of the 14th and 15th centuries (although they have been recorded in a later period during the 19th century). Moreover, we might even trace some historical persons back to an earlier period (e.g. in the passional of St. Ivan of Rila), if we try to search out legends and sagas reflected in Old Bulgarian literary works. Three aspects are given particular attention to in this article: 1. Folklore historical personage from the first centuries of Ottoman domination can be found mainly in heroic songs and in historical ones. Due to the difficulties, which arose during that period regarding cultural and literary life, the fundamental problems of the epoch were mostly reflected in folklore; the part played by literature was considerably reduced. In this case we can witness an interesting phenomenon in the history of Bulgarian culture – the mutual complementing of literature and folklore. 2. During the National Revival period the historical personage of the folklore works played a particular part in the consolidation of the national consciousness, as well as in the formation of the epic traditions in the new Bulgarian literature. 3. Now that we are going to celebrate the l300th anniversary since the formation of the Bulgarian state the historical personage in our folklore acquires a particular value as an extremely interesting evidence of the centuries-old fate of the Bulgarian people.

  • Issue Year: VII/1981
  • Issue No: 2
  • Page Range: 3-8
  • Page Count: 6
  • Language: Bulgarian