„Swój kawałek świata." O Łemkach żyjących w północno-zachodniej Polsce
"A piece of world of their own". Of Lemkos in North-western Poland

Author(s): Katarzyna Gmaj
Subject(s): Language studies
Published by: Slavistický ústav Jána Stanislava Slovenskej akadémie vied
Keywords: Lemko; Resettlement; Private and ideological homeland; Space familiarization; Dual territorial identity;

Summary/Abstract: The article is focused on following questions: how Lemkos, after their resettlement, found their place in the new territory; What activities they undertook to retain their identity, living in dissipation among Poles. The article refers to Lemkos' living in strzelecko-drezdenecki district, lubuski voivodship experience. It is based on the research conducted in years 2000/2001. In its framework 16 in-depth interviews were conducted with those, who were resettled and the first and second generation born in Western Poland. Additionally, five compositions written by 13-17 years old students, as well as, observations conducted in Lugi, Chometowo, Dobiegniew and Strzelce Krajehskie were used.

  • Issue Year: 39/2004
  • Issue No: 1
  • Page Range: 58-67
  • Page Count: 10
  • Language: Polish