„The Wall is silent and the doors speak” (G. Simmel). Several remarks about the topography of the meeting Cover Image

„Ściana jest niema, a drzwi przemawiają” (G. Simmel). Kilka uwag o topografii spotkania
„The Wall is silent and the doors speak” (G. Simmel). Several remarks about the topography of the meeting

Author(s): Michał Podstawski
Subject(s): Philosophy
Published by: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego
Keywords: philosophy of the meeting; philosophy of the dialogue; Derrida; deconstruction; phenomenology;

Summary/Abstract: “Meeting” is one of these concepts, which in the most recent philosophy have received significant meaning. In some interpretations it is the instruction to “meet” – so to establish the unmediated relation with the Other – is the factor, which allows to break free from the pressure of the “Hegelian bite” and problems resulting from it. It turns out that the ennoblement of the subject made by the German idealism in fact limited the reality only to its exteriorisation – and thus put into question the possibility of reaching the reality, including the reality of other people. "Meeting" would be the bridge thanks to which this reach (again) becomes possible. However, it seems that speaking about the “meeting” we still too rarely think about the prerequisites, which must be met, so that the subject can open itself to accept the Other. This is an important analysis because, first of all, it allows to judge whether the whole project of the postphenomenological philosophy can be defended in the practical perspective, and secondly – it is a key indicator that allows the further development of the human thought. It turns out that for the elementary human experience the “meeting” is not an excess, and the opening to what is unusual is the natural element of the existence of human cultures. And this instruction should be used in today’s philosophizing – in order to overcome the basic aporias of modernity with its edge.

  • Issue Year: 2013
  • Issue No: 26
  • Page Range: 131-138
  • Page Count: 9
  • Language: Polish