“Romanian Democracy” – Theory and Method Cover Image

"Democraţia românească", teorie şi metodă
“Romanian Democracy” – Theory and Method

Author(s): Romulus Brâncoveanu
Subject(s): Politics / Political Sciences
Published by: Fundaţia »Societatea Civilă« (FSC)

Summary/Abstract: This is a comment on the type of democracy in Romania, as illiberal democracy. Given the Romanian democratization process, we can hope that, in the future, all populisms and politicization will cease, and a true liberal and constitutional democracy will be installed, which will not be a “Romanian democracy” as Paul Wolfowitz suggested to be exported in Iraq. The question is whether it is good or not to “export” such a political model. “Romanian democracy” could be an exporting model only as an alternative to dictatorship and under the assumption that it will be adjusted in time, under the external pressure.

  • Issue Year: 2004
  • Issue No: 113
  • Page Range: 02-04
  • Page Count: 3
  • Language: Romanian