Specific knowledge, skills and values of teachers of geography Cover Image

Geografijos mokytojo žinių, gebėjimų ir vertybių ypatumai
Specific knowledge, skills and values of teachers of geography

Author(s): Saulius Stanaitis, Regina Subotkevičienė
Subject(s): Education
Published by: Vytauto Didžiojo Universitetas
Keywords: satisfaction with profession, education of professional vocation; vision of carrier

Summary/Abstract: Scientific literature analysing modern human activities emphasises the wider personal space of an individual, i.e. his competence. Recently, this notion, widely used in management theories defining professions or human activity criteria, also has acquired importance and sense in the Lithuanian educology. Assessment of teachers, their functions, skills and personalities emphasises the importance of universal education and competences. The competences described in teaching-learning contexts basically coincide with descriptions of competences of specialists of other fields of activities. Foreign and Lithuanian researchers develop in detail the essence, structure, aspects of usage and complex character of this term. Therefore there is no need once more to go deeper into this term. Yet broader and more detailed analysis of knowledge, competences, values and personal features of teachers of concrete specialities are lacking. The present article is an attempt for a more detailed analysis of knowledge, skills and values as specific competences of teachers of geography. Analysis of scientific literature allows stating that a teacher of geography is expected to have a broad spectrum of knowledge encompassing the fields of cognition of natural, economic, geopolitical, regional, cultural, service, resources, etc. geography. For example, teachers of geography must know: development history and trends of geography as a scientific discipline and its multidimensional dynamic and competitive character; elements of natural systems and patterns of their development and interaction; patterns of formation and interaction of social and economic systems, etc. The skills of teachers of geography should form an integral whole and harmoniously supplement each other. They should be linked by general skills helping to develop specific professional and training ones. Therefore it is rather difficult to distinguish purely specific skills. Among the main specific skills we can mention: the skill of applying in practice various theories, models and methods; the skill of comparing, analyse, structure and interpret the theoretical and practical social-natural material; the skill of establishing the causal relations between geographical phenomena and regularities. Based on literary sources and results of empirical investigations, we can assume that the following personal features are necessary for teachers of geography as also for teachers of other subjects: love for children, inclination for teaching work, energy, activity, communicability, creativeness, tolerance, self-confidence, optimism and responsibility...

  • Issue Year: 2011
  • Issue No: 102
  • Page Range: 104-115
  • Page Count: 12
  • Language: Lithuanian