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Pradinių klasių mokytojų požiūris į pagarbos gyvybei ugdymą
Viewpoint of Primary School Teachers on Education (Formation) of the Respect Towards Life

Author(s): Vincentas Lamanauskas, Jolanta Lukošiūtė
Subject(s): Education
Published by: Vytauto Didžiojo Universitetas
Keywords: respect towards life; natural science education; primary school

Summary/Abstract: It is obvious today, even without deep investigations, that we are suffering a total decline in moral culture, accompanied by amorality, disrespect towards human life, expressed through aggression, brutality, coercion and rudeness. Such humiliating forms of disrespect are characteristic to the today's young generation, even the teenagers. Psychologists consider such feelings like love, sensitiveness, assistance should be nurtured starting with the primary forms, since this is the period for some forms of behaviour to be learnt and consolidated. Behavioural patterns, acquired in this period, often are maintained throughout one's life. Therefore, nurturing of respect towards life is especially important in the primary school. Main tasks of the investigation: • To analyse the teachers' attitude of respect towards life in the primary school. • To disclose possibilities to make respect towards life more efficient. 110 primary form teachers participated in the investigation. To summarize the results descriptive statistical method was employed. Statistically significant differences between the responses were established using X2 (square chi) criterion; correlative relationships were established using Spearman rank correlation factor rho. Following conclusions may be drawn after the investigation: • Most of the teachers think that forming of the respect towards life is an important factor in the education process, but they fail to integrate contents of the world cognition and another subjects or to arrange practical performance, seeking to induce respect towards life well enough. • During education of respect towards life the important role plays not only school, but also family, the social environment, a nature, mass media. • Teachers have noted, that negative value has a bad example of adults, violence on TV, lack of the information. • Teachers should give more attention to formation of respect towards life. In textbooks of primary school there are not enough themes intended for formation of respect towards life.

  • Issue Year: 2004
  • Issue No: 71
  • Page Range: 66-73
  • Page Count: 8
  • Language: Lithuanian
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