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Poperova i Hajekova kritička revizija kolektivizma
Popper’s and Hayek’s Critical Revisions of Collectivism

Author(s): Dejan Vuk Stanković
Subject(s): Politics / Political Sciences
Published by: Nova srpska politička misao
Keywords: Friedrich August von Hayek; Karl Popper; ethics; politics; economy; socialist political-economic order; liberal democracy; capitalist model of economy;

Summary/Abstract: The author analyzes basic hypotheses and crucial attitudes of Friedrich August von Hayek and Karl Raimund Popper, two twentieth-century critics of collectivist ideologies and scientific/philosophic theories which represent their ideological background. Just like in cases of all other sociopolitical sensitive theories, both Popper and Hayek founded and developed their theories under considerable impact of historic events which left their mark on the twentieth century. Their theoretical and scientific views cannot be simply reduced to social and historic events, although they were influenced by them. They developed a plausible conceptual framework which testifies that there is a considerable level of their objective and rational content which cannot be reduced to non-theoretic factors of their interpretation. Regardless of many plausible objections, the conceptual framework of these theories is the core of their informative value. There are two facets of their informative value: 1) making a plausible theoretical basis for understanding the collapse of socialist political/economic orders and 2) explanation of comparative advantages of liberal democracy and capitalist economy in relation to their socialist alternative.

  • Issue Year: 16/2008
  • Issue No: 01+02
  • Page Range: 207-227
  • Page Count: 20
  • Language: Serbian