The sign-acts in the Book of the Prophet Ezekiel Cover Image
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The sign-acts in the Book of the Prophet Ezekiel

Author(s): Anto Popović
Subject(s): Christian Theology and Religion
Published by: Franjevačka teologija Sarajevo

Summary/Abstract: This article consists of three parts. The fi rst part briefl y treats Ezekiel’s sign actions within the wider structure of the Book of Ezekiel and as a specifi c means of the prophet’s interactive conveying of his message. The second part considers Ezekiel’s prophetic activity and his sign actions in a historical context, in particular during the period between the fi rst deportation of Judeans into Babylonian exile (597 BCE) and the fall of Jerusalem (586 BCE). The third part forms the heart of the argument. It analyses Ezekiel’s individual sign actions and their message under four headings: 1. The hardships of the besieged city and the demise of its inhabitants (Ezek 4–5); 2. The deportation of the people and the desolation of the land (Ezek 12:1-20); 3. The death of the beloved wife and the destruction of the Temple (Ezek 24:15-27); 4. The renewal of the people’s unity and the establishment of the eternal Covenant (Ezek 37:15-28).

  • Issue Year: 2007
  • Issue No: 27
  • Page Range: 029-058
  • Page Count: 30
  • Language: Croatian