Signs of Community Resilience Hidden in Symbols and Narratives – in Perceptions of Helpers Cover Image

Szimbólumokba és narratívákba rejtett közösségi rezilienciajegyek – segítők percepciójában
Signs of Community Resilience Hidden in Symbols and Narratives – in Perceptions of Helpers

Author(s): Csanád Albert-Lőrincz, Enikő Albert-Lőrincz
Subject(s): Social Sciences
Published by: Presa Universitara Clujeana
Keywords: illustrative representation of communities, community narratives, community resilience

Summary/Abstract: This paper undertakes to present one phase of a multi-stage study. In its fi rst part, we shall place emphasis on community resilience and community prevention. We shall also favor this section in terms of breadth, since the comprehensive presentation of the pertaining information and the linking of community prevention and resilience is the result of the conceptualization done with regard to our research data. In the present case, the research data serve to support the theoretical section, and present the features present in the signs of community resilience. Our intrusive research has several goals: gathering data about the relationship between the young and the local communities, revealing resources, as well as – with the help of the queries posed during data collection – calling attention to community resources. We have brought the messages of the community, carriers of competency-value cognitive and effective contents, recessed into the subconscious or the preconscious, to a conscious level by analyzing narratives and symbols. By analyzing community narratives and symbols pertaining to the community gained from one hundred Transylvanian caregiver professionals and students in their twenties, we would like to indicate the signs of resilience that can be found in the community narratives analyzed and the metaphors (symbols) that symbolize the community. Becoming aware of these would, on the one hand, constitute an internal resource for the caregiver, and on the other, serve as a guideline in the context of prevention through community, since it points to attitudes and a repertoire of methods that had once assisted dealing with challenges and could be useful once more.

  • Issue Year: 13/2015
  • Issue No: 01
  • Page Range: 87-100
  • Page Count: 14
  • Language: Hungarian