Resources for genealogical researches on Internet in the former SFRY Cover Image
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Izvori za genealoška istraživanja na Internetu na prostoru bivše SFRJ
Resources for genealogical researches on Internet in the former SFRY

Author(s): Slobodanka Cvetković
Subject(s): Museology & Heritage Studies
Published by: Arhivističko udruženje Bosne i Hercegovine AUBiH
Keywords: Arhivi; Internet; genealogija.

Summary/Abstract: Information technologies are becoming unavoidable part of our everyday life and Internet is becoming the biggest information source. Overall computerization did not bypass archives. From the basic function of collecting and arranging archival materials, the role of the archives in the past two decades changed a lot due to the effect of information technologies. Besides the role of a keeper of the past the archives are more and more becoming and transforming into institutions that provide services. As the biggest keeper of information about the past archives are expected today, in information age, to share them with others. Genealogical researches are one the most often motives in recent years for research in the archives. Regulations about the availability of archival materials obligate archives to satisfy the needs and requests of the users in the archives. Former republics of SFRY have different approach in the level of using information resources, but also in interpretation of the principle of availability of archival materials and information about archival materials. From efforts to make as much as it is possible information available on the internet we have cases that some institutions are not present on global net in any form. The needs of the users are so big that we often have cases of an individual’s undertaking in collecting in unification of information needed for genealogical research. That is the case with Holland’s research journalist Richard de Boer who on the portal „Maticar proslosti“ tried to unify information about the archives and archival materials needed for genealogical studies in former republics of SFRY needed for all genealogists – professionals or enthusiasts who are interested in this area. That is the best indicator for archives from this area in which direction they should act.

  • Issue Year: 2013
  • Issue No: 43
  • Page Range: 165-183
  • Page Count: 19
  • Language: Serbian