The Diplomatic Activity of Mithat Frashëri in Athens (1923-1926) Cover Image
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The Diplomatic Activity of Mithat Frashëri in Athens (1923-1926)

Author(s): Fatmira Musaj
Subject(s): History
Published by: Qendra e Studimeve Albanologjike
Keywords: Diplomatic Activity ; Mithat Frashëri ; Athens ;1923-1926; Albania; Albanian History;

Summary/Abstract: In this article it is treated the diplomatic activity of Mithat Frashëri in Athens in the years 1923-1926. To establish diplomatic relations between the Albanian state and Greece, in the year 1923 the Albanian government choose as its representative M. Frashëri, because of his long experience in this field, and the long activity in the service of the national question. In the article it is shed light on the efforts of M. Frashëri to establish diplomatic relations with Greece as a neighbour with a complex problems as regarded our state. That’s why to achieve this goal was important for the stabilization of the political and social-economic situation of the country, and it would influence on the restraining of the Greek policy towards the Albanian lands of the South. The crowning with success of this goal would serve even for the solution of a series of questions concerning the Albanian minority in Greece. Along with the efforts for the solution of the problem of citizenship, of the rights and freedoms of the Albanian minority, M. Frashëri had to face up with a very important question, that of the displacement, removal of the Albanians of Greece in the framework of the Treaty of Lausanne of January 1923, in which it was foreseen the exchange of the Turkish and Greek populations. Basing on archival documents it is put in evidence the great work done by M. Frashëri to stop the inclusion of the Moslem Albanians in the process of exchange. To achieve this goal he had to confront with the Greek diplomacy, which differently declared before the international public opinion that it would remain faithful to the signature of the agreement of Lausanne, and differently acted in the practice. Towards this perilous policy against the Albanians of Greece M. Frashëri counteracted at once addressing to the international institutions as was the League of Nations, to the Commissions set up by the League which watched the realization of the decisions of the treaty. By means of the denunciations of the Greek policy he placed himself at the defense of the propriety of the Moslem Albanians, and against their inclusion in this process. He turned the Albanian mission in Athens in a center where the Albanians addressed and raised all the problems worrying them, which M. Frashëri made present to the Albanian state. He requested from it to be more preserving in the direction of the defense of the Albanians’ rights in Greece. He considered the defense of the wealth of their lands as an issue of great national value. Through numerous relations, notes, reports which he sent to the Greek government, as well as to the international institutions, in collaboration even with the diplomatic actions of the Albanian state, contributed to the restraining of the inclusion in the process of exchange of the Moslem Albanians in Greece.

  • Issue Year: 2006
  • Issue No: 01-02
  • Page Range: 063-080
  • Page Count: 18
  • Language: Albanian